Imsety looking at up the sky in black and white


Hi there, my name is Imsety Taylor! I’m an Atlanta-based designer and developer. I work with code and motion to craft digital media in the forms of animations, websites, apps, and more.

My interest in design and technology dates back to when I was eight years old. Since then, I’ve always been passionate about solving unique and interesting problems.

One of my core principles is focusing on the process instead of results. It’s easy to get fixated on the final outcome, which can lead to a lesser finished product as a whole. For me, I find that by respecting the journey, the results will come naturally. An athlete doesn't focus on winning. Instead, they focus on playing the best they can.

Things I’m excited about at the moment:

When I’m not focused on work, I enjoy spending my free time playing video games, listening to music, and producing beats.