Primitive Stack

"Primitive Stack" is a byproduct of a lighting and texturing exercise I was doing in Cinema 4D. All of these were originally going to be static pictures, but I decided to add in some pizazz and make the shapes dance to music.
1 week
Cinema 4D, After Effects


At the time, I used Cinema 4D, but I didn't really know Cinema 4D. I used it as more of a companion tool when I wanted to add 3D to my After Effects projects. I decided to challenge myself and dive deeper by learning about 3D lighting and composition.


It started when I recreated a piece from the 3D illustration series "Fauna" by Cristian Malagon Garcia and Núria Madrid.

Side-by-side comparison of Fauna illustration recreation by Cristian Malagon Garcia and Núria Madrid

Later, I used those same techniques to create my take on this style.

Early test render using the original Fauna color palette

Then I had the idea of using color palates inspired by old 1960s toys.

Mood board

Finally, I had a sudden realization that I could animate these things to music, and this project is what came out of it.


Part 1 wireframePart 2 wireframe
Part 3 wireframePart 4 wireframe

Cut scenes

Cut scene 1Cut scene 2

Finished product

Still 1

Still 2

Still 3

Still 4

Still 5