A creator and technologist
on a mission

Turning creative ideas into reality by mixing a little bit of art with a little of tech.

Hey, my name
is Imsety

I am the creative director and founder at Set Angle, a multidisciplinary digital creative agency specializing in animation, technology, and sound to deliver soulful experiences that captivate and inspire.

I partner with creative individuals to spotlight brands like Ford, Chick-fil-A, and Keller Williams, specializing in creating captivating visuals for events, music, and advertising that resonate deeply with audiences. Based in Atlanta, my passion lies in crafting soulful brand experiences that inspire the culture we live in today.

Creativity has been my playground since childhood, sparked by my first laptop at six and diving into motion design and coding by eight. Along the way, I discovered beat-making, shaping my unique vibe of weaving stories through animation, technology, design, and sound.

Let's connect and make something amazing.

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